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Herbalife Member Pack

Herbalife Member Pack
Herbalife Member Pack
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Model: Wholesale Price$ 4 U & (Optional) Extra Income

You Get wholesale prices (great saving$ for you),
and (optional) infinite extra income from your home:

You Get:

  • Instant 25% discount on your products
    which means great savings for you
  • Generous compensation plan
    Herbalife's compensation plan is one of the most generous in the direct selling industry. It pays up to 73% of retail income back to Distributors in the form of retail & wholesale profits, royalties & bonuses.

  • 24/7 Support - for you
    You get the very best support 24/7 from your malaysia-life-herbal expert team - to help your Herbalife business grow at a steady pace.

  • Established & proven method since 1980
    The Herbalife Compensation Plan has been making 100's of 1,000's of dreams come true since 1980, and continues to transform lives all around the globe every day.

  • Impressive training
    You will receive the very best training & support from your malaysia-life-herbal expert team & from the vast community of fellow Distributors, and constant support and assistance from Herbalife's award-winning customer service team.


Ravi K Sundaram - Executive President Team - 30k.

I came from a lower middle class family in India. I traveled from a small town to Chennai with a train ticket and a US$15,000 debt in my pocket. I had not even completed my college education to find a proper job.

When I visited one of the Herbalife India meetings, the business opportunity inspired me. I wanted to sign up as a Herbalife India Distributor, but did not even have enough money to buy an IBP. I borrowed money and signed up in December 1999. I was overweight when I started. Due to the incredible products, I lost weight. The product results inspired me to confidently pursue the business. I was fascinated with the income and went fulltime in just 3 months. In 10 months, I qualified for the President’s Team and earned a 7-digit income just on my first year with Herbalife India.

Today, I live a life of my choice; I earn over US$56,000 a month and gave wonderful vacations to my family. Herbalife India has truly transformed me from a “nobody” to a “somebody!” I would like to thank Mark Hughes for this incredible opportunity and also thank my sponsor Sukumar for introducing Herbalife to me and for mentoring me.

Income applicable to the individuals depicted and not average.
These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.


Your International Business Pack is a starter business kit that contains everything you need in starting your distributorship business in Herbalife. It includes the following items.

  • Welcome letter
  • IBP checklist
  • Tote bag
  • IBO (4 books & 72 hour brochure)
  • Product catalogue
  • Business presentation book
  • Herbalife innovation and manufacturing brochure
  • Marketing plan enchancement training DVD
  • Design Your Life DVD
  • MOJ Welcome DVD
  • Distributors' code of honour
  • Direct selling license
  • Wholesale product
  • Literature & Promote
  • Price list
  • Measuring spoon
  • Button-Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How
  • Complete Training for you - forever

Herbalife - the  world's  #1  'infinite income'  plan  for you


YOU Get: Super-Fast Delivery (next day-3 days).

Get yourself started now, you will be so glad you did.

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